When do we need Root Canal Treatment?

When do we need a Root Canal Treatment

When do we need Root Canal Treatment?

Are you suffering from mild to severe pain in your teeth? Are they very sensitive and eating/drinking has become a chore? These could be because of various reasons, but one possibility is an affected root canal. The root canal treatment is done to retain a dead tooth that has been severely affected because of deep cavity penetration. But how will you know if you need a root canal treatment?

If you are thinking that When do we need  Root Canal Treatment? Most of us are stringent when it comes to Dental Care; we go for regular check-ups, brush our teeth regularly and are very careful about what we eat.

Yet it is impossible to stay clear of dental issues and problems resurface every so often. Be it bad breath or weak bleeding gums, there is always a need for oral care.

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No matter the amount of importance given to our teeth, oral hygiene remains incomplete. This is because the Tongue, also a part of Dental Care, gets forgotten in the process.

The tongue is also exposed to the food and thus becomes a breeding ground for the germs and bacteria. Food particles also settle on the Tongue becoming the prime reason for bad breath in most cases.

Tongue cleaning is an essential routine that needs to be practiced along with regular Dental Care like Brushing, flossing, and mouthwash.

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Bad breath is not a dangerous problem but a serious issue whose roots lie in improper tongue cleaning. The tongue is the only organ that starts on the inside (to the floor of the throat) and ends on the outside, resting on the lingual surfaces of the anterior incisors.

As you breathe from your lungs through your throat, the mouth carries this foul smell due to the culturing bacteria that spread throughout your mouth and throat There definitely is a solution to this issue and cleaning our tongue regularly can bring down the possibility of bad breath.

Tongue Scrapers are the magic wands that help us remove the sediments on our tongue and rids us of the bacteria/germs that could potentially harm our Dental and normal health. Just scrape your tongue gently till you remove the yellow-white patch on your tongue. Rinse well, use mouthwash if needed and you are done.
This is all the care that your tongue needs for you to stay clean with a minty breath!

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Ayurveda often relates the color of your tongue with your digestion; more often than not it is true. A dirty tongue gives an indication of a bad digestive system with a history of digestive problems.

Therefore the necessity for a clean tongue has been stressed upon in Ayurvedic Treatments as well.
You could also brush your tongue if you do not want to use a scraper. Start from the outside and brush your way to the inside as far as possible.
These are a few basic measures to keep your oral problems at bay. For complete Dental Care and professional help, we are there for you, at Dr. Smilez to give you a beautiful and healthy smile!

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