Does Teeth Extraction for the Elderly cause Discomfort?

Does Tooth Extraction for the Elderly cause Discomfort

Does Tooth Extraction for the Elderly cause Discomfort

Older people do tend to have more complications associated with tooth extraction and removal. This is one of the major arguments by the proponents of wisdom tooth removal as a preventive measure when there are no symptoms of wisdom tooth problems.

Some medications that seniors may take may also have side effects that affect oral health. Seniors can have additional problems from a tooth extraction, including increased healing times.

Oral health is very important to the overall general health of the elders. Oral problems get accumulated and become more complicated with age. The side effects and the difficulty to perform the treatment increase with age too. Hence the elders must have immediate oral care even when a small issue arises. This might reduce the complexity of oral treatments.

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Another issue that the elders face is the already deteriorating general health. For instance, people with cardiovascular problems could have hypertension. Hence, during dental treatments, it is crucial that the geriatric patient is monitored completely and make sure that their hypertension is under control.

Elders will also face a lot of discomfort after tooth extraction because they might have lesser capacity to withstand pain is very less. Hence, they must follow the medications and the safety measures to the T to have a pain-free postoperative period.

Some elders might have palpitation much after the operation and this could be because of various reasons. It is always advised that they should have enough rest and be comfortable at least for a few days after the tooth extraction.

These are the reasons that make it imperative to get a second opinion for tooth extraction for the elderly. Oral healthcare is a serious issue for geriatric patients.  Immediate treatment or the lack of it can cause varying results depending on each patient.

So every elderly patient must be carefully observed and their medical history studied before deciding on the right path for them.

Gum disease or Tooth Decay can cause serious complications if left untreated for too long, likewise, dental treatments, especially tooth extraction can affect their overall health if not performed with extreme care.

Get consultations from Geriatric Dental Experts before you take the elderly for any Dental procedures.

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