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Here is the Logic behind Brushing before and after Sleep

Brushing the teeth is the most important cleaning up activity that we are advised to do twice a day. But why has it become a practice to base the brushing habit based on our sleep patterns? Is there a science

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Does Tooth Extraction for the Elderly cause Discomfort  

Does Teeth Extraction for the Elderly cause Discomfort?

Older people do tend to have more complications associated with tooth extraction and removal. This is one of the major arguments by the proponents of wisdom tooth removal as a preventive measure when there are no symptoms of wisdom tooth problems.

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What are Dentifrices & how are they used now?

Dentifrice might not be a popularly used word these days although in French, Dentifrice is the word for toothpaste. Dentifrices are usually any kind of agents that are used to clean the mouth and get rid of the plaque. These agents

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How much do Anesthetic Injections Hurt?

If you have had a few experiences at the Dental chair, then you might know that injecting anesthesia is not always painful. This means there is a change is the amount of pain felt during each procedure. Do you want

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How to Remove Stains or Discoloration on Teeth

There is a natural tendency for some types of teeth to get discolored or sometimes, the food we eat or our oral habits can cause stains on the teeth. The kind of stain or discoloration can be of different types.

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