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Importance of cloves for teeth

Do you know the Importance of cloves for teeth? let’s start what is the importance of cloves for teeth? We all have our grandmother’s remedies for small health problems like a headache, toothache or stomach ache. There are some remedies that are common

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Invisible Braces for adults  

Best type of Braces for Bad Bites

The occurrence of bad bites:   There are many ways a bad bite can be caused. Mostly the bad bites are inherited and some occur through actions such as sucking the thumb or fingers. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that children

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Importance of Oral Health

Oral health is more important than you might realize. It is a window to your overall health Your oral health can offer clues about your overall health —and also the problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your

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Does Alcohol Affect Oral Health?

Like any other item, if consumed in moderation alcohol will not be a threat to oral health. Excessive alcohol consumed in one session can definitely have detrimental effects. The sugar and acid content of the alcohol wreak havoc if allowed

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Toothbrush – A magical wand for better oral hygiene!

The idea of a toothbrush is to remove plaque (biofilm created by the food that are deposited) and to stimulate the gums. Most toothbrushes will keep the teeth clean if you know how to use them. Manual Toothbrushes The manual

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