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Braces for Adults | Dr, Smilez Dental Center

  Braces for Adults | Dental braces which are also called “braces” are available for individuals of various age groups. Starting from the small kid to an elderly individual, braces are of various types. These braces bring the teeth in their

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Invisible braces cost in Chennai  

Straighten your teeth without braces

 How to Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces If you think how straighten your teeth without braces is possible, Then in this article, you will be able to understand how it is possible? and also we will share the review of our

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General Instructions for Braces & Orthodontic Treatment

Braces & Orthodontic Treatment are done to align crooked teeth, irregular bites and close gaps between teeth. The process of realigning our teeth is slow and can be achieved from anytime between a few months to a few years depending

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Invisible Braces and Clear Aligners to Boost Confidence

  CONFIDENCE BOOSTER “I’ve had brides come with three months to go before their wedding,” said Dr. Rafi, an orthodontist who focuses on invisible braces. Many times, the long-term effects of a great smile go way beyond appearances, he said.

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