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Ceramic braces cost in Chennai, India | Dr. Smilez Dental Center

Ceramic Braces cost in Chennai, India: Crooked, crowded or spacing between teeth can make us feel uncomfortable with our smile. They can also interfere with speech, oral hygiene maintenance and the way our teeth work. Orthodontic treatment with braces can help get the attractive, functional smile one always wants.

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Embracing Your Braces - Know the Facts  

Embracing Your Braces – Know the Facts

In today’s world Braces are very commonly taken up as a cosmetic tool to aid in giving a perfect set of teeth. We see children of all ages wearing braces and flaunting it. Braces are not only restricted to children

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Braces for Adults | Dr, Smilez Dental Center

  Braces for Adults | Dental braces which are also called “braces” are available for individuals of various age groups. Starting from the small kid to an elderly individual, braces are of various types. These braces bring the teeth in their

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Basics of Ceramics Braces

Braces which are more specifically known as orthodontic braces are used to align the teeth or straighten teeth, according to the face and tooth structure of the individual. It provides a better and a perfect smile. Braces do not only

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General Instructions for Braces & Orthodontic Treatment

Braces & Orthodontic Treatment are done to align crooked teeth, irregular bites and close gaps between teeth. The process of realigning our teeth is slow and can be achieved from anytime between a few months to a few years depending

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Need for Orthodontic Retainers and its Usage

NEED FOR ORTHODONTIC RETAINERS: Retainers are used by patients after the braces are removed. Instead of falling into a lackadaisical mode after removing the braces, it is imperative that we understand the need for orthodontic retainers and its usage. If retainers

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