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Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a very effective way of lightening the natural color of teeth without compromising the tooth surface in any way. The procedure can be done in one hour in the clinic with or without lasers. The cost of whitening depends on the existing color of the natural teeth. Darker teeth will require more number of visits to get the desired result. A professional cleaning is mandatory before tooth whitening This process cannot result in a complete change of color, but will lighten the existing shade of white. It is not advisable to whiten teeth for kids below 18 years and for pregnant or nursing women.

Laser Teeth Whitening can be done only in the dental office exclusively. The difference with Lasers is improved effectiveness due to enhanced action of the bleaching material activated by the Laser. The concentration level of the bleaching material is also higher leading to a better result. Laser teeth whitening is more expensive and is recommended for individuals with dark to very dark teeth and those with discolored teeth due to continued nicotine usage.

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Irrespective of the method of tooth whitening, the results are expected to last for up to 2-3 years if proper precautions are taken, Touch-ups may be required to maintain the same shade continuously. Certain food colorants and red wine can discolor whitened teeth.

Home Tooth Whitening

Home tooth whitening is a good alternative to in-office whitening, especially when you don’t have the time for a long dental appointment. Home whitening is indicated for mild discolorations and for touch up only. Dramatic shade change cannot be expected with Home Whitening. OTC products are available. Dentist recommended products provide better results but can be obtained from a dentist only.

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