Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is required when tooth decay progresses to involve the dental pulp and nerve of the tooth, which results in an infection at the tip of the tooth root, causing pain and sometimes swelling or the tooth may feel loose. In such cases, in order to save the tooth, a root canal treatment must be done. Sometimes, there may no symptoms if the infection is present for a long time.

Root canal treatment is avoidable if tooth decay is addressed in the initial stages by a simple filling. The root canal treatment cost in Chennai is also much more than a simple filling. While a tooth filling is done on the crown portion (the part of the tooth visible in the mouth) before the tooth root gets infected, root canal treatment involves filling of the entire tooth till the tip of the root. After a root canal treatment, the tooth will lose all sensation but will remain firm in the mouth as long as the gums and bone are healthy. Since there is no sensation, it is important to protect the tooth with a dental crown to avoid breakages.

A tooth treated with root canal treatment can sometimes get re-infected if improperly done or neglect to maintain good oral health. Regular Oral hygiene Maintenance is very important after root canal treatment to prevent reinfection of the tooth from the gums or from the adjacent teeth. Reinfection after root canal treatment can also happen if a dental crown is not done to protect the tooth.

When is Root Canal Treatment advised?

  1. A toothache during chewing or during contact with any extreme hot or extreme cold which is usually tolerated
  2. Constant tooth pain during chewing
  3. Change in color/Darkening of the tooth
  4. Fracture of the tooth due to trauma
  5. Swelling seen in the areas of gums around the tooth

 What to expect during a Root Canal procedure

  1. A diagnostic x-ray is required to confirm the decision of the root canal and to plan the procedure.
  2. A local anaesthetic (a numbing agent) is given to numb the tooth so that you do not feel anything during the procedure and an opening is made in the tooth
  3. The decay is completely removed and the infection at the root tip is completely removed through the crown of the tooth with special instruments and a medicament is placed within the tooth.
  4. Once the infection is controlled, the root filling is completed and the opening is sealed with a permanent filling material.
  5. In some situations, if the tooth structure is damaged or broken more than the acceptable limits, a post is inserted to support the tooth and prevent breakages, especially on the back teeth.
  6. A crown is then placed on the newly rebuilt tooth. This completes the root canal procedure.

X-ray showing Root Canal Treatment

What is a post and when is it required?

Placement of a post is an additional procedure sometimes required after a root canal treatment when there is not enough sound tooth structure available to support a dental crown. In such cases, if a crown is placed over the root canal treated teeth without a post, there is a high possibility of tooth breakage. The post is made of fibre or metal.

How many visits are required to complete root canal treatment?

Usually, root canal treatment will require two visits depending on the extent and intensity of the tooth infection. It is important to ensure that the tooth is completely infection free before the filling. Placement of the crown takes an additional visit.

Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

Conventionally, root canal treatment is a two visit procedure, but the advancements in the procedure and the materials have now allowed the procedure to be completed in a single visit in certain conditions. The main advantage of completing the procedure in a single visit is the prevention of reinfection that can happen when the treatment is prolonged for a long time. The cost of single visit root canal treatment in Chennai is the same as when done in multiple visits at Dr.Smilez.


  1. Front teeth that are fractured due to injury
  2. Teeth that are used for support for bridges and overdentures
  3. Tooth Sensitivity to heat and cold, but no pain on pressure
  4. The absence of swelling/pus discharge

How much does Root Canal Treatment cost in Chennai?

Root canal treatment cost in Chennai ranges between INR 3000 – 6000, and is much less than the cost of removing and replacing the tooth with dental implants or bridges. The cost of a root canal treatment also depends on the tooth that requires the treatment e.g front tooth or molar, the severity of the infection, and the extent of damage from decay. You can book an appointment online here for your procedure or to simply consult with our expert team and confirm the cost of your root canal treatment.

Why is there a huge variation in the cost of root canal treatment in Chennai among different dentists?

Root canal treatment is most successful when executed by a specialist, also known as an endodontist. The accuracy of the procedure and the comfort of the patient during the procedure is best when done by the endodontist. The armamentarium used and the materials used are also highly variable. Better the expertise and the quality of materials, higher is the cost. Hence the cost of root canal treatment in Chennai varies. At Dr.Smilez, root canal treatment is done only by Endodontists.

Is a crown necessary after Root Canal Treatment?

After a root canal treatment, a tooth will become brittle and will not be able to withstand the forces of biting and chewing. A crown acts as a protective covering of the tooth and prevents any breakdown of tooth structure. So it is mandatory to crown any tooth that has been treated by a root canal. Dental crowns are of different types depending on the type of material used and the warranty. Read more here

Is root canal treatment procedure painful?

During the procedure, the numbing anaesthetic will prevent any discomfort. After the procedure, the gums surrounding the tooth may be sore or inflamed and can cause pain upon pressure. When addressed in the initial stages of infection, the pain or discomfort is always minimal If the root canal treatment is done accurately, the symptoms will subside within 48 hours. It is important to take the medication prescribed by the dentist to be pain-free.

How long does root canal treatment last?

 When properly done, root canal treated teeth will last without any symptoms as long as the gums and bone are healthy. A regular annual dental visit will ensure the optimum success of root canal treatment.

Laser-Assisted Root Canal Treatment

The use of Lasers in dental treatment allows for more precision and better outcomes. The use of Lasers in root canal treatment is limited and presents with advantages and disadvantages. The main issue is that Root canal spaces are rarely straight and more often are curved in at least two dimensions. Root canal instruments used to clean the space throughout its length can be curved to follow the curvatures in a tooth root. However, Laser probes can clean an area in a root canal space that is straight.

The best use of Lasers is to remove the decayed part of the tooth and to disinfect the root spaces that are straight. Even with the use of Laser, conventional treatment techniques are required to complete the procedure. Currently, Lasers are only used as an adjunct to conventional root canal treatment techniques and not as its replacement. The cost of a Laser root canal is generally higher than the conventional method.

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