Overseas Patients

Overseas Patients

Dentist in India for Overseas Patients

Looking for Dentists in India? Visit Chennai for your dental treatment, holiday and much more.

Dr. Smilez Group of Dental Centers prides itself for being one of the front-runners in the newly emerging market of Dental Tourism. Numerous people world over, especially the U.K. and U.S.A prefer flying down to Chennai, India, to undergo their dental treatment. Combine a holiday tour package with this and it will still work out much cheaper than the costs you will incur for the same dental procedures there.

Why is Dr. Smilez the ideal choice?

The Standard of Sterilization, Dental Techniques, Equipment and Materials used are on Par or Superior to all other Dental Centers. The doctors associated with Dr. Smilez are highly qualified, super specialized and have affiliations with international associations and organizations.

There is absolutely no communication barrier or language problem as all our Doctors & Staff can communicate in English, unlike other hubs for Dental Tourism. All Dental procedures at Dr. Smilez costs a fraction of the total price in comparison to the costs in countries like UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UAE and they are definitely more competitive than the other Dental Hubs.

Overall, at Dr. Smilez you can be assured of Genuine Care, Value for Money and Superior Dental Care.

Painless Dental Implant Treatment? Yes, it’s possible!

One of the major difficulties in Implant Dentistry is the ability to diagnose and develop a treatment plan that doesn’t involve a long process with pain and suffering for the patient. A company called ‘Materialise Dental’ has developed a sophisticated system called ‘SimPlant’ which, with a combination of three-dimensional software and prosthetic implementation, can produce a painless, predictable surgical treatment plan unlike any other system available to the Dentists today.

The SimPlant Software is a fully-integrated Dental implant treatment planning tool that visualizes a patient’s mouth with exact 3D precision, while taking into account both clinical and aesthetic considerations. The benefits for the patient are immediate with the aid of a visualization tool prior to treatment and during surgery, increasing safety with precision and reducing pain.

  • Gums can often be left intact for faster healing
  • Prevents complications
  • Avoids expensive and time consuming follow-up visit.

Know every detail in advance

We can “virtually” prepare your treatment with the minutest detail & thus you will receive a much safer and more comfortable treatment. With SimPlant® Dental Implant Planning software and SurgiGuide® Dental drill guides, Free-hand Implant Dentistry has become a thing of the past.

Dr. Smilez Exclusive

Fixed Teeth Fast (FTF)

FTF is for patients who would like to have Dental Implants done quickly, effectively and precisely along with a warranty, using the latest implant guided technology with Cone Beam Ct scan. Using the Computer Technology Developments, a toothless patient can be fixed with teeth immediately. Full-jaw or Full-Mouth Fixed teeth can be done very quickly, from 3 days to 7 days only with the FTF technology .

Metal Free Mouth (MFM)

MFM concept brings to you the latest in Dental Care, which is replacing your existing metal ceramic crowns, bridges and silver amalgam fillings with a combination of very strong Zirconia and glass ceramic teeth with composite restorations. These new materials are stronger, lasts longer, more cosmetic and more hygienic.

Star Smilez

A Great Smile is not just white teeth which are well aligned but a functional combination of cosmetic proportions of the face which includes the eyes, nose, skin, lips, teeth and hair. The Star Smilez consultation would involve Cosmetic Dental Surgeons, Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and other Specialists who would work in unison to deliver the Star Smilez to you.

No surprises, maximum comfort

A personalized SurgiGuide® Dental Drill guide is your Dentist’s link between implant planning and actual treatment. It makes sure your Dentist performs the procedure safely and according to the plan. A SurgiGuide® Dental Drill guide fits in your mouth with unparalleled precision during implant treatment and is your guarantee for maximum comfort.

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