Full Mouth Implants

Full Mouth Implants

Full mouth Implants replaces all the teeth in either jaw. Dr Smilez is one of the leading dental clinics for full mouth implants in Chennai, India. Although a greater number of implants such as 6 or 8 is ideal for replacing all teeth in a single jaw, fixed teeth with Full mouth implants can also be done with a minimum of only four dental implants in a single jaw. This concept of replacing all teeth with full mouth implants is called Allon4 Concept. It is a long-lasting treatment solution that provides permanent, fixed artificial teeth especially for patients who are unconformable wearing removable dentures. It also allows the teeth to be fixed immediately over the full mouth implants and does not usually require a waiting period for the healing to complete.

Full Mouth Implants cost in Chennai

Full Mouth Implants

The All on 4 concept – Replacing ALL your teeth in 15 days!! The All on 4 concepts of full mouth implants replacing all missing teeth in a person’s jaw using four dental implants (two straight and two angulated) to serve as anchors and provide a strong foundation for the artificial teeth. This is a permanent treatment and teeth can be given immediately after placing the implants without the requirement for waiting for a long healing period. These immediate teeth with full mouth implants are usually hybrid acrylic which can be used for up to 2-5 years depending on food habits. Later, the teeth alone can be changed to ceramic teeth without disturbing the implants.

Benefits of All-On-4 dental implants:

  • Immediate function thereby enhancing the quality of life
  • Feels and looks like natural teeth
  • Fixed and permanent
  • Overall treatment and recovery time is reduced
  • Can be done even if the available bone is less in the back of the mouth. This is especially important in the upper back teeth region where the location of the maxillary sinus sometimes hinders the placement of straight implants
  • Excellent stability
  • Least expensive for a full mouth rehabilitation
  • Proven long term success
  • Easy maintenance

Treatment Planning:

The key to the success of full mouth dental implants is in treatment planning. Proper positioning of the implants will dictate the success and durability of the artificial teeth during wear and tear. The full mouth dental implants are positioned in such a way that a load of chewing is distributed to all the implants. Hence two longer angulated implants are used along with two straight implants in this concept.
Guided placement of implants using a surgical stent allows optimum positioning of the implants. A cone-beam CT of the jaws is required for digital planning and fabrication of the surgical stent. While this is the best method of placement of full mouth implants, the procedure can also be done without a surgical stent with only digital planning of positioning of full mouth implants. A full mouth dental X-ray alone is not sufficient to plan full mouth implants. Every patient is unique and requires meticulous planning. The implantologist will make the final recommendation on the best choice of full mouth implants and the type of teeth after correlating the clinical examination with the CBCT findings.

Full Mouth Implants procedure

Full Mouth Implants procedure

Implant Placement:

  • Implant placement is a single visit procedure
  • If teeth are remaining, removal is done prior to Implant placement
  • If the patient prefers, the procedure can be done under IV sedation (Sleep Dentistry)
  • Guided placement ensures optimum positioning of the full mouth implants

Fixed Teeth:

  • Fixed teeth can be given within 15 days.
  • The entire process of fixing teeth from the placement of implants takes 5-7 appointments for the intermediary
  • If teeth are required on the same day, the process for fabrication of the teeth is done before the implant
    placement appointment so that the teeth can be fixed on the same day of placement of the full mouth implants
  • The teeth are made of hybrid acrylic in the All-on-4 concepts of full mouth implants. This is a semi-permanent
    type of teeth that can be replaced with ceramic teeth at any time after 6 months based on the usage and wear and tear
    and differs for each patient.

If the number of implants placed is 6 or 8, ceramic teeth can also be given immediately subject to the stability of the full mouth implants.

All-On-4 Dental Implant

All-On-4 Dental Implant

Cost of Full Mouth Implants in Chennai:

The cost of full mouth implants in Chennai is highly variable and depends on the number of implants placed, the brand of implant used, the type of teeth recommended and the usage of surgical stents. Here is an overview of the cost of treatment of the Allon4 concept of full mouth implants in India using 4 dental implants and immediate fixed teeth. Bone graft and other material charges, teeth removal and other pre-implant procedures, if required, maybe additional.

Implant SystemGuided PlacementImmediate Hybrid Acrylic TeethCost in INR
Nobel BiocareYesYesINR 3,50,000
Nobel BiocareNoYesINR 3,25,000
OthersYesYesINR 2,75,000
OthersNoYesINR 2,50,000

Additional Benefits:

  • Lifetime warranty for Nobel Biocare Implants
  • Limited 5-year warranty for MIS Implants
  • 1-year warranty for fixed teeth
  • Complementary Treatment Planning (when CBCT is available)
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