Protect Your Sweet Tooth this Diwali!!

Gulab Jamun, Jalebis, Kheer, Laddu, Rasmalai, Barfi, Kesar peda, Kulfi….YUMM!!! Tooth friendly?? Not really!! 

It is that time of the year again, the festive season is upon us!! Indian festivals are popular not just for their fanfare celebration and the mythology behind them but also for the wide variety of sweets we get to relish. It is difficult to imagine Diwali without elaborate sweets prepared for friends and family and children rushing about with sweets stuffed in their mouth. It is not possible to prevent having sweets and desserts, especially when it is Diwali! But it is also equally important to protect your sweet tooth from eventual cavities. A simple change in the method of having sweets can help us in keeping cavities and other dental problems at bay.

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The stickiness and sugar in the sweets is the issue and that leads to the tooth decay. Most times, even rinsing the mouth is not sufficient to get rid of the sticky sugary remains in the mouth. The sweets that we eat get stuck in between teeth or between the gums and teeth. Over a period of time, the food particles which are in constant contact with the saliva in our mouth becomes the residing house for the germs. This results in the formation of an oxygen-less environment and the saliva becomes acidic causing tooth decay.



The most common dental problem on taking sweets is tooth sensitivity and dental pain. This happens when there are existing dental issues like enamel wear, tooth decay, and gum problems.



  • Be careful with what you munch on

Choose what you eat wisely! If you wear braces, then you have to be more cautious, since these sweets and candies can get stuck in your braces, and turn out to be really difficult to get rid of and will ultimately lead to cavities.

  •  Be wise, brush twice

To keep your smile bright, it’s essential to brush your teeth twice. Brushing twice helps to keep germs away from your teeth and gums. This helps to keep your smile safe, during the festival season, and throughout the year too!

  •  Don’t Treat Your Teeth Like Tools

During festivals, we decorate our house, and while decorating, many a time we use our teeth as tools to peel a wire, untie knots etc, which harms our teeth. When you use your teeth as tools, you’re not only damaging your teeth, but also putting yourself in life-threatening risks. That is why, care for your teeth, and they will be with you, sparkling all the way!

  •  Drink lots of water after eating sweets

It’s not feasible to brush after every meal, but you can have a glass of water after munching on snacks and sweets. A glass of water after eating sweets helps wash away the remnants of food from your teeth thus protecting them from decay.

  •  Visit your dentist

 A visit to a dental clinic after the festive season for a cleanup or a cavity check will incur minimum costs but would save you from maximum expenditure in the future.


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