Refund Policy

Dr Smilez Dental Center is always invested in patient care and best treatment outcomes. In the rare instance where the patients prescribed, consented treatment is unable to be carried out, a refund claim will be processed on the following terms and conditions.

Who can apply for a refund

  • Patients who have made an advance payment but not yet started their treatment
  • Patients whose treatment cannot be rendered due to change in health/medical status
  • Patients whose treatment cannot be rendered due to relocation to another city where Dr Smilez center is not present

No refund claims will be processed in the following conditions

  • Patient has consented to the treatment and the treatment is in progress
  • Negligence by patient complicating treatment outcomes
  • Any treatment covered under warranty/cosmetic treatment and orthodontic treatment (braces and aligners) if initiated.
  • Failed treatment outcomes after treatment completion due to patient non compliance or treatment modifications done at other clinics
  • Treatment delays due to ineluctable circumstances

In instances where the treatment outcome is not on the desired lines after all possible solutions, due to various limitations, and the patient asks for a refund, Dr.Smilez will undertake the following action(s) based on individual case/procedure on the following terms

  • Patient should report within 1 month from date of treatment completion with all relevant records
  • Appoint a Senior Consultant Doctor / Specialist for a second opinion.
  • Repeat treatment, if required on priority at no cost subject to the cost of repeat treatment being less than the original treatment cost
  • Provide adjunct or alternate procedures to match the expected treatment outcome. Such procedures will not be eligible for further warranty/refunds upon consent


Refund Policy – General Terms & Conditions

  • Consultation fee is non refundable
  • Refund Request is subject to be rejected / partially approved or can be fully approved based on the management’s decision. Disputes, if any, are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Chennai only.
  • Refund will be strictly made directly to patients through A/C Payee cheque only
  • Refund will be made after consolidated deduction on product charges and services availed.
  • Payment received from Insurance or finance corporations will be refunded only upon receipt of the total amount.Refund will be at par
  • A processing fee of 10% of the amount payable will be applicable.
  • All refunds will be processed within 45 days from the date of receipt of request at the accounts department


Refund Procedure

  • A Written Request in the given format for refund should be printed and submitted in original from Patient stating valid reason(s) for refund. No e-mail or soft copies will be accepted. Please request for a refund form via email at stating your patient ID/center where consultation was done.
  • All treatment records including X-rays and case records need to be submitted.
  •  A self-attested photo ID proof is required to be submitted along with the request form
  • The original physical receipt must be submitted along with the form. If a part payment is to be refunded, a new receipt will be issued excluding the amount to be refunded


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