Invisible braces cost in Chennai

Invisible braces cost in Chennai

Invisible braces cost in Chennai – Dr Smilez Dental Care

Invisible braces cost in Chennai

Traditionally teeth have been aligned using fixed braces using brackets and wire. The fixed braces have dominated the treatment over the last 40 years due to its high success rate and comfort. The fixed braces also come in tooth-coloured ceramic as well as in self-ligating options. The conventional fixed braces are stuck on the outer surface of the teeth while invisible braces also known as lingual braces are stuck on the inner surfaces of the teeth. The advent of technology such as 3D printing, vacuum forming and digital scanning has resulted in the development of completely invisible braces also known as clear aligners for teeth movement that does not require braces at all for alignment

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Clear Aligners or Invisible braces are the latest treatment option in orthodontics. It was commercially developed by Invisalign, USA. Although started by Invisalign braces, many companies around the world have this technology to fabricate invisible braces. The procedure involves making an impression or a digital scan of the teeth along with photographs. These records are then sent to the company for the fabrication of the invisible braces (clear aligners). The company uses computer-aided design using special software to design the perfect smile. Multiple 3D printed models are then made and the invisible clear aligners are vacuum formed over the model in a sequential manner to allow for tooth movement to happen with the change of every aligner. The time taken for treatment depends on the severity of the case.

Clear aligners or invisible braces cost in Chennai can vary between Rs.55,000 up to Rs.1.5 Lacs for the entire treatment when they are manufactured by other companies. The cost of invisible braces made by Invisalign in Chennai can range between Rs.3Lacs to Rs.5Lacs. The cost of invisible braces in Chennai depends on the complexity of the case, the more complex the case, the more the number of aligners.

The advantages of Invisible Braces

  • Latest technology
  • No brackets/wires/rubber bands/attachments on teeth
  • CAD/CAM designed custom-made smile; hence better treatment outcome
  • Virtually invisible/comfortable
  • Removable: hence no food restrictions, easy maintenance
  • No dental emergencies due to broken wire/bracket

Additional Benefits of Invisible Braces

  • Able to view the treatment outcome even before starting (virtual set up).
  • Option to modify the outcome.
  • Minimal appointments/fewer visits: Ideal for Outstation & Overseas Patients.

The limitations are

  • -High motivation and compliance needed from the patient to get the best results.
  • -Can not be used in all situations.
  • Cost of Invisible braces in Chennai is higher than conventional orthodontic treatment.
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