Importance of cloves for teeth

Do you know the Importance of cloves for teeth?

let’s start what is the importance of cloves for teeth? We all have our grandmother’s remedies for small health problems like a headache, toothache or stomach ache. There are some remedies that are common for different households throughout the nation. One such remedy is the use of cloves; they make for an amazingly easy and effective remedy for toothaches.

Toothaches are a nasty little problem that disrupts our routine. We can’t eat, talk, laugh, work and somehow one of our hands automatically can’t be used as it holds the part of the face where a toothache occurs. So it becomes something we would like to get rid of as soon as possible. The first option is going to the dentist who would give on the spot treatment and also diagnose the root underlying the problem.

But in case the Dentist is unavailable or you are not in a position to immediately visit a dentist, the toothache becomes impossible to control. This is when clove comes in handy; it contains eugenol which is an antiseptic and anesthetic. This gives temporary relief and also wipes out the number of germs in the process.

Keep a complete clove in the affected tooth, press it between your upper and lower teeth. The clove will release bitter syrup-like oil which has the medicinal quality. Keep it in your mouth for some time and then spit it out. Make sure not to ingest it as ingestion might cause side effects. After some-time rinse your mouth with warm water. It will help to subside the pain for a few hours’ time.

Avoid excessive usage of clove over a short time period as it can do more harm than good when used repeatedly. Nowadays many medications for a toothache contain a portion of clove oil. Clove is a boon for those who need immediate relief from a toothache; it has helped our forefathers fight a toothache through the medieval times and it remains true to its effects till date.

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However this is not always a complete solution to your problem, it is necessary to consult a dentist in such circumstances to treat the main cause of the ache. Book an appointment at Dr.Smilez to check your teeth and get rid of that toothache.

Interesting fact: Did you know that Indonesia grows 80% of the cloves in the world?

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