How to get rid of the sticky feeling on the Teeth?

The stickiness on the teeth is caused by Plaque which are deposits of the food that we eat. Food items that are rich in carbohydrates are more likely to cause that sticky feeling on the teeth. If and when we do not rinse our mouth after eating, there is a high probability that the bacterial activity on the teeth can increase. The end result is the sticky layer that you can feel while running your tongue over the teeth.

There are a few ways by which we can get rid of the sticky feeling on the teeth.

  • Reduce the carbohydrate (starch & sugar) intake. For instance, soft drinks or soda can cause that stickiness if they are not rinsed off within half an hour.
  • Floss your teeth regularly. The importance of flossing the teeth is not understood enough. Flossing helps clean all the areas on the teeth that a brush cannot. These areas account for the particles that could cause the sticky feeling.
  • Use soft bristled brushes and brush for 2 minutes as opposed to the 45 seconds most people average.
  • Brushing can instantly help get rid of the sticky feeling on the teeth. But consumption of food might induce that sticky feeling again. Be sure to rinse and drink plenty of water to wash the bacteria away.
  • Use an antibacterial rinse to maintain a fresh breath and keep the plaque causing bacteria at bay.


If left untreated, the plaque can cause become a serious issue. It can cause acidic activity and break down the teeth resulting in a cavity. It could also build up on the tooth roots and affect the gums and penetrate inside.

Although a minor problem, if left untreated the sticky feeling can develop into a bigger problem. All dental issues must be immediately treated to avoid complication. Visit your nearest Dr.Smilez Dental Clinic to get a Dental check-up done now!

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