How to avoid root canal naturally

How to avoid root canal naturally

How to avoid root canal naturally


Learn about How to avoid root canal naturally.

Root canal treatment is a common practice to adopt when you face a long-overdue decaying tooth. Instead of removing the tooth, the canal of the affected tooth is cleaned, and the decayed part is scraped off completely.

While not to make it sound unpleasant, the procedure could be tedious and long. But the effectiveness cannot be ruled out. At times, the only way out of uncontrollable cavity is a root canal. The procedure ensures that cavities removed do not come back by implanting a tooth-like prosthetic cap over the affected tooth. It does not happen in all cases.

As much as one cannot deny the eventual positive outcome of this procedure, let’s be factual and agree that no one enjoys getting a hole dug in their tooth and their pockets too.



So, here are ten natural ways to avoid visits to your dentist for root canal treatment.


How to avoid root canal naturally

How to avoid root canal naturally

  1. It’s all in what you give your teeth to chew on.

Yes, diet plays an utmost important role in maintaining your teeth’s well-being. Thus, avoid binging on snacks, junk food, sodas, aerated beverages etc.

  1. Get a grip on the routine sugar intake.

It is difficult, literally for the sweet-toothed masses, to glance at a pastry and turn your eyes away. But it is a known fact that too much relishing on desserts and sweets is not healthy for your teeth as well as your overall health. Thus take some time off of binging on the sugar side to avoid a dentist trip.

  1. Do not take teeth-cleaning leniently

It is essential to brush twice daily at least. It is, literally, textbook.

  1. Do not skip out on flossing

The minority is pitifully small when it comes to people who floss on a daily basis. It plays an important role in maintaining teeth which are ignored by most people. Regular flossing is as essential as brushing.

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  1. Attention to the details

Prefer flosses made out of natural and disposable silk material, essential oils and natural wax. Avoid the ones with sweeteners and flavours.

  1. Show up at your dentist’s office regularly.

Regular check-ups must not be neglected. It is the only way to avoid oral problems on a pro-active basis.

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  1. Nip that small cavity in the bud

Do not ignore the faint ache in the last tooth or when the decay starts to creep up. Get it checked promptly to avoid root canal treatment.

  1. Avoid hard and solid foods

Avoid eating solid and hard foods that make you exert pressure on the teeth. The ones with weak-teeth might want to note this one down.

  1. Wearing a mouth guard while playing sports

One of the preventive measures to avoid damage is to wear protective gear for mouth while playing sports. This is essential for athletes.

  1. Choosing the right cleaning materials

Use toothbrushes with soft bristles. Check the chemical constitution of your toothpaste before buying one. Avoid the ones that contain bicarbonate.

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