How Practical is Tooth Jewellery?

Tooth Jewellery: The truth unraveled

Dentists nowadays have people visiting them with a perfect set of white, clean teeth and no complaints. Could it be for a general check-up? No!

Dental Procedures have extended beyond corrective purposes alone and now helps in embellishing one’s smile. With advancements in all aspects, dentistry now provides safe & great methods to beautify your teeth with sparkling stones.

Jewellery for teeth are purely for decorative purposes and many choose to experiment this procedure to highlight their smile. People are becoming increasingly self conscious, especially about their appearance and smile. Such people are bold and on the look out for procedures like cosmetic dental treatments to achieve the desired results for their appearance – draw attention, make a fashion statement and to be unique among the crowd.

tooth jewels & crystals

Initially, attaching a stone to your tooth meant drilling & fixing it on the surface. This posed many threats as the enamel on the teeth could get damaged in addition to permanent fracture of the tooth. In addition to the pain, this procedure was also irreversible. This resulted in not many people coming forward to experiment this procedure.

At present, the scenario has widely changed and extensive ‘safe’ options are available to try in cosmetic dentistry. Tooth jewels – crystal stones, can now be stuck to one’s teeth with no complication and also removed when needed. These crystals are also safe enough that swallowing them will not cause any kind problem. Depending on your budget and requirements the crystals can be chosen – right from pure gold to precious stones.

tooth jewels for brides

Tooth jewellery however requires extensive care, as it is vulnerable to accumulation of plaque. Food habits, genetic history, oral hygiene plays an important role in the longevity of the crystals.

Routine cleaning and check-up is advised in order to maintain the sparkling stones.  Many dentists might say that this whole concept is very safe and maintenance free, however many tend to differ.

Although it is in vogue, the whole concept of tooth jewellery is very debatable. On one hand, you get to be a fashionista flaunting your dazzling smile. On the other, tooth jewels are a temporary investment and it’s longevity depends highly on your personal oral hygiene.

Along with these, another important aspect while getting tooth jewels are the Dentists & Clinic where you choose to get it done. Although harmless and easy, mishandling the crystals could result in disaster. So it always better to ensure you leave the handiwork to certified experts.

At Dr. Smilez, our Dental Specialists will elaborate on the pros and cons of the procedure and the specifications of the jewellery that you decide to wear. With our warm & friendly Dentists by your side, you can choose the best jewel to wear & flaunt your priceless smile every moment, everyday!

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