Embracing Your Braces – Know the Facts

In today’s world Braces are very commonly taken up as a cosmetic tool to aid in giving a perfect set of teeth. We see children of all ages wearing braces and flaunting it.

Braces are not only restricted to children these days as there are so many options for adults to wear braces too with minimal interference! Invisalign is one of the most popular clear aligners that adults prefer these days for Dental Corrections.

Braces nowadays are also a style statement. With various types of braces (coloured, clear, gold, designed) available in the market, Embracing your Braces could have never been easier & fun too!

Some fun facts that you did not know about the braces:

  1. Contrary to belief Braces are actually not magnetic.

Nowadays traditional metal braces and the wires used to move the teeth are made with stainless steel, they are sometimes mixed with nickel titanium or copper titanium, a technology that was actually developed by NASA! That’s why braces are not magnetic.

  1. One of the oldest civilizations, Egyptians used braces.

The first evidence of appliances being used for orthodontics dates back to 1000 BC, Mummies have been found with crude metal bands around their teeth (needs no guessing why) and in ancient Greece, appliances were used to maintain space and prevent collapse of the teeth.

  1. The first braces were made of gold.

In the early 1900, dentists used 18-karat gold wires, bands and other parts. Gold was used for its ability to be moulded, but patients had to keep coming back for frequent adjustments because the gold would get too soft and move.


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