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Ceramic Braces cost in Chennai, India:

Crooked, crowded or spacing between teeth can make us feel uncomfortable with our smile. They can also interfere with speech, oral hygiene maintenance and the way our teeth work. Orthodontic treatment with braces can help get the attractive, functional smile one always wants.

An expectation of a beautiful smile at the end of orthodontic treatment is a primary concern for every patient, but today, the emphasis is also appearance while undergoing treatment. Today’s braces are smaller and less noticeable than the braces of the past. One of the less noticeable types of braces is tooth-coloured ceramic braces.

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Be it the conventional braces or the newer self-ligating braces, they are available as ceramic braces. The cost of ceramic braces in India is highly variable due to the influx of less quality substitute products. Ceramic braces from standard companies are preferred by us at Dr.Smilez Dental centre due to the predictable and perfect outcome.

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The less expensive substitute products do not give proper results and tend to stain and dislodge multiple times during the course of the treatment. It is important to ask your dentist for ceramic braces from standard companies such as 3M for optimum results.

Ceramic braces cost in Chennai

Ceramic braces cost in Chennai, India


Ceramic Braces:

Ceramic braces or clear braces are made of tooth-coloured materials and are designed to blend in better with the natural tooth colour. They consist of brackets and wires, just like regular braces.


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The main difference is that they are much less noticeable to others. In addition to the ceramic brackets, the wires that are used in braces treatment can also be in ceramic giving a more esthetic outcome. The conventional Ceramic braces cost in Chennai ranges from 35,000 – 50,000 INR. Self-Ligating ceramic braces are more expensive and the cost of self-ligating ceramic braces in India ranges from INR 55,000 – 85,000.


Benefits of Ceramic Braces

  1. Clear ceramic braces are less noticeable compared to the traditional metal braces

  2. Strong and non-porous

  3. Smaller bracket size

  4. Clear ceramic braces are easy to remove when the treatment is finished. There are technological advances for removing them to minimize the possibility of damaging tooth enamel during the removal process.

  5. Clear ceramic braces provide a discrete treatment for people with teeth that are light in colour.  


At Dr.Smilez Dental Center, we recommend the use of only standard products for braces treatment. Each individual has different treatment needs and the specialists at Dr.Smilez Dental Center will recommend the most suitable braces for individual treatment needs.

Although the cost of ceramic braces may be higher than substitute plastic braces or metal braces, your smile is worth investing in good quality ceramic braces, especially if you are concerned about the “metal mouth” seen with conventional metal braces!


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