Know More About Root Canal Treatment Benefits, Procedures, And Costs

A tooth is made up of enamel, dentin and pulp tissue. The enamel is the hardest outer covering of the tooth, the dentin is underneath the enamel. It is softer than the enamel and has a cushion-like effect. The pulp

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Importance of Brushing teeth | Dr Smilez Dental Center

Importance of Brushing Teeth Do you wonder about the significance of such a mundane and routine task of toothbrushing? We do it every day but are we aware of its importance? Let’s look at some come querries in toothbrushing Looking

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Invisible braces cost in Chennai

Invisible braces cost in Chennai Traditionally teeth have been aligned using fixed braces using brackets and wire. The fixed braces have dominated the treatment over the last 40 years due to its high success rate and comfort. The fixed braces

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How to avoid root canal naturally

  Learn about How to avoid root canal naturally. Root canal treatment is a common practice to adopt when you face a long-overdue decaying tooth. Instead of removing the tooth, the canal of the affected tooth is cleaned, and the decayed

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Ceramic braces cost in Chennai, India | Dr. Smilez Dental Center

Ceramic Braces cost in Chennai, India: Crooked, crowded or spacing between teeth can make us feel uncomfortable with our smile. They can also interfere with speech, oral hygiene maintenance and the way our teeth work. Orthodontic treatment with braces can help get the attractive, functional smile one always wants.

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Latest Technology in Dentistry  

Latest Technology Advances in Dentistry

Latest Technology in Dentistry: Today’s world without technology is unimaginable. With the current progress in innovation, it is not surprising that the application of technology is universal and not limited to only back-end process systems, but also in the healthcare

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