Best Solution for Long Teeth or Receding Gums

You might have never thought about the length of your teeth unless you or someone you know has an abnormality in it. Every teeth has it’s set proportions in terms of length & width. When this proportion is a little off balance, then you notice extremely long or short teeth with/without receding gums.

Although not many come forward to get this corrected, we have the best solution for long teeth or receding gums. This condition may cause difficulty in smiling, talking and even normal positioning of the mouth.

The dentist will first need to determine why your teeth are too long. If it’s due to gum recession, you may need to have gum tissue grafted and placed over the tooth where your gum is missing. If your gums are not an issue, longer teeth can also be reshaped with tooth contouring (having them sanded down), or your dentist can use orthodontics to push them up a little higher into the bone.

An ideal relationship between your teeth is necessary in order to adjust your tooth size.

There are very little things that an orthodontics can do about the tooth size but they can position teeth which can help it look less rabbit.

Here are a few tips which can help your teeth get into proper shape and size: –

  •  The first option could be to reduce the size of the centrals that is to have “crown lengthening” on the laterals and veneer all four so that size of the teeth will be similar to the other on the sides. In order to make it look the absolute best with which you could be satisfied you should consider further orthodontic treatment to help raise the laterals up (so your gumline is esthetically ideal).
  • Reducing the size of the central incisors and increasing the laterals (with veneers on all four teeth).  In order to make it look the absolute best you should consider further orthodontic treatment to help raise the laterals up (so your gumline is esthetically ideal).
  • If the size of your centrals are fine and you just do not like how they stand out, then some spacing can be created on each side of the laterals so they can be enlarged.
  • Many feel larger teeth are more attractive. You can have look at celeb teeth whom you are fond of and use that as your guide. If everything works out, you will not only feel satisfied but will also feel great about yourself.
  • You can also take pictures in to your dentist. It will help to ensure you and your dentist both are on the same page, so that you will not be disappointed.
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