Best Places for Dental Tourism | Foreigners Flock to City for Dental Care: Coverage in TOI

Best Places for Dental Tourism | Foreigners Flock to City for Dental Care: Coverage in TOI

Best Places for Dental Tourism

For 28 years, Simon King from the UK had to wear dentures because he could not afford teeth implants. King, an IT professional, had lost half his teeth in a road accident. and once he searched the best places for dental tourism.

While doing an internet search(best place for dental tourism), he stumbled upon a dental centre in Chennai that offered the kind of treatment he was looking for at a cheaper rate. A team of doctors replaced all his teeth on the upper jaw with titanium implants.

The overall cost including the treatment and travel expenses was 25% lesser than what he would have spent in the UK.

As dental treatment costs spiral, UK and US citizens have started to flock to Chennai where quality medical treatment is available at an affordable price. Dr Smilez Advanced Dental Centre, which treated King, received 50-60 patients from US, UK, Singapore, and Malaysia in the last few years.

King, who is preparing to return home to the UK said, “The procedure would have cost me $60,000 but here it cost me just $15,000. The hospital took care of my accommodation. I selected Chennai over Thailand and El Salvador because the rates were best here.”

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Dr Rajni, a chief dental surgeon, Dr Smilez Dental Center said, “The majority of foreign patients want cosmetic treatment. Health insurance in the UK and US do not cover the cosmetic treatment.” Patients come for treatment after consulting doctors through the internet. “We have an e-dental consultation on our website. A team of doctors checks X-rays, CT scans and other reports of the patient through video conferencing. We also show them the kind of treatment that will be done. People decide to visit us depending on the price we quote,” Rajini added.

It took just a week to fix King’s teeth. Initial measurements were made soon after he reached Chennai. Five dental implants were placed in his upper jaw in an hour.

He was discharged three hours later. Using advanced technology, measurements to fabricate the teeth were made and sent to the dental lab. The teeth were fixed the next day. The patient was able to chew from the time the teeth were fixed.

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