Best Dental Clinic in Chennai

Best Dental Clinic in Chennai

We always want the best in life and the same applies when you are in need of a dental clinic near you. When in need of a dentist for the first time in a new city or a new location, in most instances, one opts for the most popular choice in the neighbourhood or via referral. The internet offers a plethora of information with the complete listing of the best dental clinic in Chennai and Pondicherry for every location within the city.

Most of the listed dental clinics nearby, often provide a very rosy picture to potential patients about their services, expertise, etc. How then does one make a pick of the best dental clinic in Chennai among the choices? Dental treatment is also commonly perceived as expensive. With corporatization in healthcare, the standard of dental healthcare has improved, but there are still many dental clinics in every neighbourhood making it difficult to choose the best dental clinic.

We trust that your search for the best dental clinic in Chennai will end with a better understanding of the points to consider while choosing the best dental clinic near you. Dr.Smilez is one of the best dental clinic in Chennai, where we aim to provide the best possible care at the same time making your dental treatment as affordable as possible without compromising on the quality of treatment.

We have detailed some discussion points for you to help you in your search for the best dental clinic in Chennai and also on how Dr.Smilez is different from other dental clinics.

1. Standard of Infrastructure & Materials

Modern dentistry is dependent a lot on the quality of dental materials and equipment used. While the common man can make a rational judgment on the standard of equipment availability, it is impossible to differentiate the materials that are used for dental work. Most of the dental clinics in Chennai have all the basic armamentarium, but the biggest differentiator is the standard of dental materials used across these clinics. While even China made materials are technically “Imported”, one must understand the global brands of dental materials available and insist on its usage. After all, what is put in the mouth accounts for overall health also?

At Dr.Smilez we use only standardized global brands of materials such as 3M, Ivoclar, GC, Coltene, Nobel Biocare, etc., and also constantly monitor the expiry date and upgrade to the latest and the best materials available from time to time. Almost all dental materials used are imported from USA, Germany, Japan, etc and of world-class standards. This ensures that treatments are long-lasting and more durable. 

Best Dental Clinic in Chennai

Best Dental Clinic in Chennai

2. Sterilization and Disinfection

This is the most important factor to consider while choosing your dental care provider. There are very stringent sterilization protocols to be followed and it is imperative that the dentist ensures optimum compliance with all the requirements.

Dr.Smilez has stringent QC measured for sterilization. No instrument will be used without the proper sterilization in Class B autoclave. Periodic fumigation of the dental operatory and maintenance check on the sterilization equipment is done to ensure the efficiency of machinery. Our sterilization standards make Dr.Smilez one of the best dental clinics in Chennai.

3. Specialty Care

Dental procedures are highly specialized and require enormous skill sets in conjunction with the appropriate armamentarium for a successful outcome. Most mom-and-pop dental clinics in Chennai have one do-it-all dentist.

At Dr.Smilez we have a team of resident and specialist dentists. This is important, as it is not possible for a single dentist to be an expert at all treatments. There is also a team of experts monitoring the outcome for each and every treatment done.

4. Treatment plan transparency

In dentistry, there are multiple treatment options available for a given problem. In addition, there are multiple product ranges available making it a complex exercise to provide the best plan for a given situation that is also affordable to a patient. It is very easy to misrepresent a product to a layman and the patient can be completely misguided if there is no transparency. The cost of treatment can also be manipulated with differential pricing based on an individual.

Dr.Smilez is one of the few dental clinics in Chennai that provides all its patients with a choice of procedures with transparent pricing in writing, well in advance before starting the treatment, to help make an informed decision. There is also no cost escalation or major surprises once the treatment plan is accepted by our patients.

5. Patient Support

Dental treatment also requires routine maintenance. Most of the time, patients do not feel the requirement to revisit a dentist just for a review, until a new problem arises. The longevity of any dental treatment is determined by the oral hygiene maintenance of the individual.

Dr.Smilez provides to all patients complete post-operative care instructions at the end of the treatment. Regular follow up calls are given as reminders to patients to stress on the importance of maintenance. Our patient support team is available at all times to handle any queries or emergency with a separate helpline number.

6. Treatment Warranty

There are many products used in dentistry for which warranty is automatically applicable from the manufacturer. E.g., the Lifetime warranty is provided in all dental implant systems by the company that allows for a free replacement. Treatment warranty is different from product warranty which no dental clinic in Chennai will provide as there is a co-dependence on the patient for proper maintenance.

However, at Dr.Smilez, we are confident of our services, materials, techniques and follow up methods, allowing us to provide treatment warranty on dental procedures, provided the patient makes the effort to follow our strict maintenance schedule which we will ensure.

7. Electronic Patient Records

With insurance sector slowly entering the dental market, most providers make it mandatory for proper records for claims, etc. Most general dental clinics in Chennai do not maintain patient records for all patients leaving a void in the documentation of data. The best dental clinics in Chennai are equipped with software to maintain patient records and provide access to patients for their own reference.

Dr.Smilez dental clinics are powered by our own unique eSmilez hospital information system tailor-made for dental hospitals. All the treatment records, pre and post treatment information and images are stored in the cloud. This is available for access at all times. Patients can also request their records by email which will be immediately sent to them.

8. Evidence-Based Dentistry

As mentioned earlier, the choice of materials, products, etc is multiple in dental care. The practice of all the above points should allow patients to visualize a ‘before-after’ image of the procedure done. This also helps the dentist to document and maintain patient records.

At Dr.Smilez, in addition to practising evidence-based dentistry, we also do regular treatment audits on all procedures that are done. This results in evidence-based treatment and improves treatment outcomes and ensures the longevity of dental treatment 

Dr Smilez Differentiators – Why Dr.Smilez is one of the best dental clinics in Chennai

While we at Dr.Smilez enforce all the above mentioned, making it one of the best dental clinics in Chennai and Pondicherry, we are also a referral centre for international patients by association with a few clinics globally. In addition, the treatment done at Dr.Smilez is accepted as the standard of care in most dental clinics internationally. We also provide transfer of documentation for international patients and continue our aftercare services electronically

In addition, Dr.Smilez is also empanelled with almost all national and international insurance companies that provide dental coverage. We are also empanelled with government insurance of many countries and accept cashless insurance claim.

We hope that the above information is useful for you to make a decision on the choice of the best dental clinic near you and we wish you the very best in your dental treatment journey.

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