Basics of Ceramics Braces

Ceramic Barces

Braces which are more specifically known as orthodontic braces are used to align the teeth or straighten teeth, according to the face and tooth structure of the individual. It provides a better and a perfect smile. Braces do not only improve the functioning, but also the appearance of the teeth cosmetically.

With advancement in the technology, many new techniques have arrived in the field of orthodontics. Ceramic braces are one of the most recommended ones. Ceramic braces are also transparent in nature and are placed on the front part of the teeth. These are in great demand nowadays among the patients who choose to go for orthodontic treatment. The results of this treatment are quite appreciable too. They have a great advantage over the traditional metal ones that the latter makes the patient feel uncomfortable throughout the procedure when compared to the former one.  Metal braces are reported to cause ulcers of the oral mucosa in the mouth, which is a double trouble case. Ceramic braces boost the confidence and make the patient feel like normal just because of its color and transparent nature. Moreover, there is no such issue of ulcers in ceramic braces as they do not contain any metallic components in it.

You should be able to take care of the ceramic braces you have as they tend to stain, if you drink coffee more than the normal quantities, or if you smoke a lot. Make sure that you take proper measures in order to keep your braces at the best condition throughout the treatment. The elastic wires are changed every month by the dentist to get the best results at the end of the treatment. Popular ceramic braces are of the 3M Unitek, GAC etc.

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