3 Important Things Only a Smile can get you

Technical Glossary – Smiler (The person imparting the smile), Smilee (The receiver of the smile)

While the technical glossary above, may have been entirely made up, the rest of the article isn’t.

1.     I am really good!

Nothing says that you are confident as much as a natural smile does. Ironically, not even you actually saying that you are confident, says that you are. The following is how the smilee’s brain instinctively deconstructs the smilier’s smile – “It is common sense that in a human body, the brain prioritizes its tasks and assigns bandwidth in decreasing order of priority. Which is why you see sports-persons or singers often put up hideous, contorted, “make the baby laugh at any cost” kind of faces when they are performing a difficult move or reaching an unreachable note. The brain orders all energy to be channeled to the feat being performed that it runs out of energy for even the basic task of putting up a presentable face in public. So when the smiler smiles when performing a task, it means that not only is the smiler on top of things, the smiler even has spare bandwidth to perform a low priority task such as put on a smile. This can mean only one thing. The smiler must be pretty good at what the smiler is doing!”. Your simple trick – train your brain to prioritize the smile above all else and come out looking like the undisputed ruler of any activity!

2.     You want a piece of this happiness?

For most crushes, the first contact point is a picture. Picture the moment where you “innocently” tried to find out the name of the cute person in the otherwise boring picture in the endless album, your loved one is bombarding you with. Picturing it? Do you remember what the cute person that caught your eye was wearing? A smile! This is exactly why you should be prepared to pull out your beamer anytime your picture is being shot. To make sure you are “crushable” in the picture. A crush is often more than just physical attraction. It is about wanting to spend time with the other person. And not just time-time but a fun time. Would you go out with the hot stud that whines all the time? I wouldn’t! You would want to go out with a person that’s happy already so that you can start having a fun time instantly.  So how does the smilee’s brain instinctively deconstruct this? Simple. The brain is naturally programmed to trigger a smile only when happy. Therefore if the smiler is flashing a smile, the smiler must be happy! Your simple trick – Remember to flash a bright smile whenever you are being photographed. You never know which picture will bring you the ulti-mate dividends!

3.     Do you feel comfy?

Confidence and positive attitudes are no doubt important. But to nail your selection, the final step is how you make the other person feel. Despite being convinced of your capability and outlook you will be picked only if you can make the picker feel comfortable. How on earth do you instantly make an unknown person comfortable? Simple. Just smile, gently. Have you ever wondered, which is the point in a relationship between two beings where they move beyond being just strangers? Let’s go back to the instinctive deconstruction of the smile by the smilee’s brain. No brain in its right frame of mind would flash a smile at a stranger. If the smiler is smiling at me, it can only mean that we aren’t strangers any longer. We must have moved to the next step in the relationship. Your simple trick – Pull out your best smile to move past the stranger zone to seal your deal in style [ie. seal your deal in smile 😉 ].

Don’t just project any smile. Project your best smile because that is your most powerful weapon. To make your smile flawless ensure that your teeth are lined up neat and clean. Also remember that your breath can go a long way in defining you. If not perfect, it can make others go a long way!

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