Dental Treatments at Dr. Smilez

Orthodontics is the branch of Dentistry that specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of Dental and facial irregularities. These includes treatment of different conditions: Over Crowding, Deep overbite, Open bite, Overjet or Upper Protruding Teeth, Underbite or lower protruding jaw or Crossbite Spaces in between teeth. Read more about Orthodontics and Invisible braces

Root Canal
Root canal treatment is the removal of the infected soft tissue underneath a tooth and replacing it with an artificial inert ‘filling’ material. This procedure saves the tooth and removes dental pain. Read more about Root Canal
Teeth Whitening
A very popular & frequently requested procedure in our clinic is Teeth bleaching and Teeth whitening which is a simple, effective procedure which results in a brighter smile in addition to the health benefits for the Teeth. We use the latest laser teeth whitening equipments to ensure quality and long term results. Read more about Teeth Whitening
Dental Implants
Before Dental implants, there was limited options to replace missing teeth. Options included fixed bridges, which often required the reduction of adjacent teeth to replace a missing tooth, or removable dentures. Implant Dentistry allows us to replace individual teeth without altering the adjacent natural teeth. Dental implants help retain jawbone and anchor dentures, bridges and crowns firmly in place. Read more about Dental implants
Pediatric Dental Care
 At Dr. Smilez we are proud to be able to provide a unique service to our young & tiny patients. We have exclusively dedicated staff who make your children’s experience with the Dentist is as comfortable and stress-free as it can be. We follow a unique approach to the oral health of children, as we ensure that they have a pleasant experience and don’t grow to fear Dental Treatments. Read more about Pediatric Dental Care