Ceramic Crown & Bridges

Change the way you Smile…. with CAD/CAM Dental crowns & bridges

Dental Crowns reinforce the structure of your tooth, improve the tooth’s function and are used to cap or cover teeth after a root canal treatment. Crowns are usually made from different materials: pure porcelain (all ceramic) or porcelain with metal or gold (metal-ceramic). In all cases, they provide great results – making your teeth and smile more appealing.


Dr. Smilez clinics in Chennai, can provide you with excellent quality CAD/CAM dental crowns. These crowns are metal-free and are much more durable, have high strength and esthetics compared to the conventional metal-ceramic crowns, making the the preferred choice among dental crowns. The premium crowns also come with a 15 year warranty.

Benefits of Zirconia Crowns

  • High strength
  • Superior esthetics
  • Perfect shade match with adjacent tooth
  • Translucent
  • No metal margin exposure
  • No chipping of ceramic
  • Perfect fit
  • Gentle to the gums
  • 15 year replacement Warranty


Disadvantages of Metal-ceramic crowns

  • Opaque; hence reduced esthetics for front teeth
  • Possibility of chipping of ceramic
  • Metal margin exposure with time
  • Less strength
  • Perfect shade match difficult due to opacity
  • No warranty


Bridges at Dr. Smilez Dental Clinics in Chennai

A bridge is a less preferred option to replace missing teeth. A bridge replaces a missing tooth by means of two, or more, crowns which are ‘bridged’ by an additional tooth on the area of the missing tooth. Bridges are made in the same materials used to make crowns.


Replacement of missing teeth especially when the adjacent teeth are compromised and are in need for crowns. It is essential to replace missing teeth due to the numerous potential problems described in the oral health section ‘Why Replace Missing Teeth’ that may result in further tooth loss.


Key Benefits of Dental Bridge

  • Missing tooth is replaced
  • Natural/improved appearance
  • Support and protection for the compromised teeth
  • Restoration to normal or improved functioning

Treatment Procedure for Crown & Bridge

The procedure requires two visits, but usually depends on the number of crowns needed. During the first appointment the  teeth are prepared by circumferential reduction to make room for the supporting crowns. An impression (or mould) is then taken for fabrication to a laboratory and a plastic temporary crown/ bridge  is fitted for the interim period. The fabrication at the laboratory takes approximately 3-4 days. During the next visit, the temporary crown/bridge is removed and the Zirconia crown/bridge is permanently cemented into place.