Does having Chewing Gum for better Dental health cause headaches?

Chewing gum

Often we hear from doctors and people around that chewing gum helps remove bad breadth and in some cases even helps prevent cavities, but it also has other side effects. Constant consumption of chewing gum is found to causes sever Headaches. Headaches are common in childhood and become more frequent during adolescence, particularly among girls. Trigger factors include stress, tiredness, lack of sleep, heat, video games, noise, sunlight, smoking, missed meals, menstruation. But now studies suggest correlation between gum chewing and headaches.

Out of 30 patients, 26 reported who stopped chewing gum had significant improvement, and 19 had complete headache resolution. 20 of the improved patients began chewing gum again, and all of them reported an immediate relapse of symptoms.

Gum chewing teenagers and younger children are giving themselves headaches with this habit. People chew gum for one hour to six hours per day. They chew gum even when the flavour and taste of the gum is lost. This causes significant burden to the temporomandibular joint(TMJ),which is already a most used joint in the body, resulting in headache or migraine. Chewing gum causes stress to the TMJ the place where the jaw meets the skull.

By advising teenagers with chronic headaches to simply stop chewing gum, doctors can provide many of them with quick and effective treatment without the need for expensive diagnostic tests or medications.

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